Your extraordinarily trained companion’s cost is $9,500. 
A deposit of $3,500 will reserve your puppy of choice and two payments of $3,000 each, with the final payment paid 30 days before pick-up.

What to expect from  your expertly trained puppy:

I train from the moment we wake up until everyone is tucked in, usually from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week!  My training techniques are compassionate, varied and consistent. 

​Unconditional love and tons and tons of praise form the basis of my training philosophy.  This approach leads to healthy, confident animals, happy to please their human companions.

Following my training, your puppy will be obedient, child-friendly, travel-ready, leash-trained and completely housebroken.  Some commands your new puppy will have mastered are: 
     • USE POTTY on command (go pee, go to the bathroom)

     • SIT   

     • COME

     • STAY

     • GO TO BED

     • WAIT

     • OFF

     • and many more

​My training also addresses any unwanted behaviors that appear and encourages socialization to achieve friendliness, good manners with people, as well as dogs, and calmness (supported by exposure to classical music).

You will be able to confidently take your dog to pet friendly restaurants, stores, shopping centers and schools, as well as nursing homes or your own workplace.  Be assured that your dog will be a welcome and well-respected member of your family, business and community. 

Most of all, your dog will become your loyal companion and will love you deeply! 

The Australian Labradoodle is a superior breed with a look of distinction.  I am committed to honoring this unique breed’s “look” during our six-month training period.  My doodles are bathed and well groomed at all times.  The appearance of our puppies is the most impressive business card I could hope to have.
There are many benefits to maintaining a well-groomed authentic Australian Labradoodle.
When properly groomed, these dogs are breathtaking creatures and I believe they are happier dogs.  A well-groomed dog is also more approachable in the community. 
I am very grateful for my grooming education and for the assistance of a fantastic groomer who is a lover of doodles - Rachel, owner of Pawsitivity Pet Spa in Asheville, NC. Together we ensure that, while at Already Trained Australian Labradoodles, your doodle looks his or her very best!

Extraordinarily Trained to Brighten your Heart and Life