Extraordinarily Trained to Brighten your Heart and Life

I also wish to thank my husband David and granddaughters, Patterson and Peyton, as well as my incredible South Carolina family. My cup overflows with thanksgiving for all your love and support.

Most importantly, I thank God, my true CEO, for this opportunity to serve others while working at something I love.

Resources and Acknowledgements:

If you wish to further research this remarkable breed, I suggest The Complete Labradoodle and Australian Cobberdog by Beverly Rutland-Manners (www.rutlandmanor.com). This book has been my “Doodle Bible” and is an excellent source of information written by the consummate Australian Labradoodle trailblazer.

Julia is a young and creative artist. Her ability to capture light and beauty is phenomenal. I so appreciate her photography and the videos of our many doodles. Most importantly, she believed in my dream from day one. Thank you, Julia for adding the Australian Labradoodle to your beautiful world! 

I wish to acknowledge my gratitude to the “Believers” who helped me become a “motivated achiever."
Gail at www.whisperingwindslabradoodles.com
Grace at www.greengableslabradoodles.com